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* toda noticia "stone", la encontras aqui ! : informaciòn de los miembros de la banda, sus mùsicos, sus esposas , sus ex esposas , parientes e hijos ...

* "every stone news, you find it here: information of its members, its musicans and their wives, ex wives, partners and children ...."

* Los Stones son más que una banda de rock , los Stones son un estilo de vida!

* The Stones are more than a rock band, the Stones are of life style !

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lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

Arte Stone : Exhibición de Fotografìas de Michael Cooper en Proud Galleries en Chelsea

" La conquista de los Rolling Stones " : Las fotografías de Michael Cooper
del 16 Octubre al 22 noviembre de 2015

Stone Art: Exhibition of photographs by Michael Cooper at Proud Galleries in Chelsea

" Courting The Rolling Stones " : Photographs by Michael Cooper
16th October – 22nd November 2015

Proud Galleries is thrilled to present Courting The Stones: Photographs by Michael Cooper, an exhibition which documents The Rolling Stones during the peak of their creativity in the swinging sixties. Dubbed the ‘court’ photographer of The ‘Stones due to his close friendship with lead guitarist Keith Richards, Cooper acquired a unique position from which to photograph the radical young band, capturing moments that would usually stay hidden.

In 1964 Michael Cooper was introduced to musical and creative heavyweights through the art dealer and gallery owner Robert Fraser, also known as ‘groovy Bob’ due to his influential position within London’s cultural scene, and quickly became immersed in the creative milieu of the era. Cooper’s studio in Chelsea became a hub of activity, attracting the most creative people of the day known as the ‘Chelsea Set’. This set was formed of artists, photographers and musicians. The script writer, Donald Cammell, was also part of this group, resulting in Cooper being part of the scene portrayed in his film Performance. According to New York art director, Al Vandenberg, the energy in the studio was electric. Being part of Cooper and Fraser’s ‘set’ meant being aware of current developments in gallery art and in the contemporary cultural scene.

Photographing artists such as Andy Warhol, Eric Clapton, Peter Blake and Jean Genet, Cooper’s approachable and friendly personality alongside his unmistakable talent allowed him to capture the tumultuous lives of the stars that surrounded him. Cooper was one of the few people to develop relationships with both The Rolling Stones and The Beatles at the same time. He was responsible for the front cover photos of both the 1967 LP Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones 1967 LP Their Satanic Majesties Request.

Cooper’s natural, nonchalant style of photography mirrors the gestalt of its era, offering a candid insight into the lives of The Rolling Stones both on and offstage. As a friend and occasional roommate of Richards, Cooper was able to record every aspect of his life, disrupting the stereotypical image of the rock ‘n’ roll icon and revealing the human behind it.

For the ten years up until his death, between 1963-1973, Cooper was a member of the Stones’ inner circle. The resulting collection of rare vintage photographs, hand printed by the late Michael Cooper in his infamous Chelsea Manor Studio will be exhibited at Proud Chelsea - close to where the illustrious studio once stood. The exhibition, curated by Cooper's son Adam Cooper, provides a rare view into the life, loves and scandal of one of the most prolific and taboo busting rock bands in history.

Proud Chelsea - 
161 King's Rd, London SW3 5XP, UK
+44 20 7349 0822

Source: Jo Rhodes,  THANKS! 


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